"Daniel Gets A Cold"


Original Airdate

January 20, 2014

Production Number


Episode Guide

Tutu All the Time


Mom Tiger is Sick

Daniel Gets a Cold is the first half of the thirty-fifth episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It premiered on January 20, 2014 with Mom Tiger is Sick.


Daniel has to stay home after he gets sick and is not able to attend Prince Wednesday's birthday party.


Daniel arrives at school and they play bakers, it is Prince Wednesday's birthday but Daniel is sneezing, coughing and is sleepy. He goes home needing to rest and eats vegetable soup and strawberries to make up for having to miss the party. He imagines being a superhero with Tigey as a sidekick fighting germs.


  • They do a greeting of saying "Upside down!" and holding their heads upside down
  • Daniel loves strawberries and vegetable soup
  • His symptoms seem to include a mild fever, sense of feeling out of sorts, urge to sit down, sneezing and coughing but no decrease in ability to be happy, appetite or urge to play.

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