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Daniel Tiger
Daniel Tiger
Gender Male
Animal Tiger
Age 4
Voice Actor Jake Beale
Relatives Mom Tiger (mother)
Daniel Striped Tiger (father)
Margret Tiger (sister)
Grandpere Tiger (paternal grandfather)
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday

Daniel Tiger is the main character of the show titled after himself Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. He first appeared in the debut episode Daniel's Birthday. Daniel is also the son of the tiger of the same name who appeared in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make Believe. Daniel is four years old and is considered a shy child who will at times hide behind his mother when meeting new people.


Daniel Tiger is a brown tiger with darker brown stripes on his body. He wears a red sweater just like Fred Rogers, red and white sneakers, he has a wristwatch just like his father, expect instead of sliver, it's bronze on the outside and gold on the inside.


Daniel Tiger has a mother,a father and a little sister who live with him at Jungle Beach. His mother may be the Coilette Tiger from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. His father is the original Daniel Tiger from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.His Sister Is Margret Tiger

Daniel Tiger and his family live in the neighborhood where the people who live here are many are different species of animals and most of them are humans. He and his family are tigers.

His parents are not siblings and from different families. His extended family includes his Grandpere Tiger who is his paternal grandfather who lives somewhere in the neighborhood and sails on a boat as well as Granny Tiger who is his paternal grandmother who is Grandpere Tiger's wife who is not seen but might be still alive. His maternal grandparents are not shown on the show for they might have died sometime before Dad Tiger and Mom Tiger were married.

Alternate Apparel

Depending on the theme of each episode, Daniel often wears an outfit based on that theme. This is a collection of some of the different outfits he has worn:

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