List of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood seasons
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Season 2 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was announced in February. It premiered on August 18, 2014. 25 episodes or 50 segments will air in this season, making it the most in the show's history, so far. [1]


# Original airdate Title Plot
201 August 18, 2014 The Tiger Family Grows Daniel learns to be an older brother.
Daniel Learns about Being a Big Brother Just before the baby arrives, some of Daniel's old belongings have to go in the baby's room.
201 August 18, 2014 The Baby Is Here Daniel and the Tiger family meets the new baby in their family, a girl named Margaret Tiger.
202 August 19, 2014 Time for Daniel Daniel becomes upset when his father spends time taking care of baby Margaret instead of playing with him.
There's Time for Daniel and Baby Too Daniel becomes upset when his father spends time taking care of baby Margaret instead of playing with him.
203 August 20, 2014 Playtime Is Different Daniel wants to play restaurant with O and Katerina, but baby Margaret is curious and keeps interrupting.
The Playground Is Different With Baby Mom and Dad Tiger help Daniel include baby Margaret at the playground.
204 November 3, 2014 Daniel Fixes Trolley Daniel accidentally breaks a wheel off Trolley while playing. When Mom is too busy to help Daniel put the wheel back on, she urges him to try to figure it out on his own and explains that fixing it on his own will make him feel good about himself.
Problem Solver Daniel Daniel and Miss Elaina breaks a toy at school. Teacher Harriet encourages them to find a solution to repair it.
205 November 17, 2014 Daniel's Friends Say No
Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to Play
206 December 17, 2014 Daniel's Winter Adventure
Neighborhood Nutcracker
207 Feburary 9, 2015 It's Love Day
Daniel's Love Day Surprise
208 April 20, 2015 Daniel Explores Nature
Daniel's Nature Walk
Daniel Makes A Mistake/Baking Mistakes



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