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Katerina Kittycat
Katerina Kittycat
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Age 4
Voice Actor Amariah Faulkner
Relatives Henrietta Pussycat (mother)
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday

Katerina Kittycat is a character in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Katerina is shown to love playing dress up and pretend, but likes ballet the most. When she likes something or is excited about something she will often twirl.

Katerina is the adorable and very beautiful daughter of Henrietta Pussycat, who appeared in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe in the long running series "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood".

Henrietta had since grown up and has her daughter Katerina. Katerina and her mother both live in a tree along with their neighbor O the Owl and his Uncle X.


Katerina is a female cat with a white complexion. She wears a light green and blue dress with yellow buttons, a light green bow tie on her head, white ankle-high socks and green and white sneakers with yellow colored laces. She also wears a pale yellow under shirt and pink panties.


Alternate Apparel

Since Katerina loves playing dress up she often wears many different outfits, here are examples of what she's worn so far.


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