Miss Elaina
Miss Elania
Gender Female
Animal Human
Age 4
Voice Actor Addison Holley
Relatives Lady Elaine Fairchilde (mother)
Music Man Stan (father)
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday
Miss Elaina is a character who made her debut in the episode Daniel's Birthday and is also one of Daniel Tiger's best friends. She is notable for doing many things like doing things backwards and inventing new games for her friends to play. She lives in a Merry Go Round with her parents, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, a character from the original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood TV series, and Music Man Stan, from the Mister Rogers Christmas Special.

Stan sometimes calls her Elainaberry.[1]


Miss Elaina is a cute and lovely bi-ethnic girl. Her black hair is in pigtails using pink hair ties. Her cheeks are notable red most of the time.


She wears a pink and cream colored sweater, what appears to be long striped pants, and pink Mary Janes.


She does a lot of cartwheels and often ends sentences calling the person she is speaking to "Toots".



Hand holding in Daniel Loves Tigey


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