Mister McFeely
Mister mcfeely
Gender Male
Animal Human
Voice Actor Derek McGrath
Cartoon debut Something Special for Dad

Mister McFeely is the mailman in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. He was the only character played by a real human actor on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood that was later changed into cartoon form for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Though Mr. McFeely spent most of his time outside the Neighborhood of Make-Believe on the original show, in the cartoon he spends most of his time in it.

Mister McFeely's primary appearance on the show is in the episode "Something Special for Dad." He also appears briefly during the show's closing segment.


  • According to Angela C. Santomero, the show's creator, David Newell, the original performer of Mister McFeely, does not voice him because he is not from Canada (where the show is made), and wasn't able to be there to reprise his role. Newell does, however, announce the show's sponsors before and after the show. [1]




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