"Mom Tiger Is Sick"


Original Airdate

January 20, 2014

Production Number


Episode Guide

Daniel Gets a Cold


Duckling Goes Home

Mom Tiger Is Sick is the second half of the thirty-fifth episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It will premiered on January 20, 2014 with Daniel Gets a Cold.


When Mom Tiger gets sick, Dad Tiger and Daniel must finish her Fruit Picking Day invitations.


Mom tiger is making invitations for Fruit Picking Day but then (as Daniel and Daniel Striped point out ) she is sneezing and sleepy. Daniel Striped Tiger say she is sick and must rest. She eats lunch, then has a nap, while the two Daniels finish the invitations. The "when you're sick, rest is best" song plays.


  • You don't see her get better but she must be better by the end as she is back to normal in the Good Feeling song
  • Her ailment is supposedly a cold
  • The odd thing is despite sneezing she didn't seem sick until Dad and Daniel pointed it out to her.

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