O the Owl
O the Owl
Gender Male
Animal Owl
Age 4
Voice Actor Zachary Bloch (season 1)

Stuart Ralston (season 1 - 2) Parker Lauzon (season 3 - present)

Relatives Uncle X (uncle)
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday
O the Owl is a main character of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Daniel's best friend. O lives right next to Katerina Kittycat in the same tree and even shares some sort of brother and sister type relationship with Katerina. He also lives with his Uncle X who takes care of him. O loves to read books and is usually seenwith a book most of the time. O is also a very curious child who is always on the look out for new things.


O the Owl is a blue colored owl with green Eyes, Yellow eyeLids, Orange Beak, and wears green and white sneakers.