Prince Wednesday
Prince Wednesday
Gender Male
Animal Human
Age 4
Voice Actor Nicholas Kaegi (season 1)

Jaxon Mercey (season 2 - present)

Relatives King Friday (father)
Queen Sarah Saturday (mother)
Prince Tuesday (older brother)
Chrissie (cousin)
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday
Prince Wednesday is the main character who made his first appearance in the episode Daniel's Birthday and is also the best friend of Daniel Tiger.

He is the youngest of the royal family, which is ruled by his father King Friday. Prince Wednesday likes to show off magic tricks as well as entertain, impress, and make his friends laugh with jokes and other tricks. He does all of this with his trademark mischievous smile.


Prince Wednesday is a Caucasian character who wears a purple sweater, purple pants with a brown belt that has the letter "W" meaning his name for short, and purple boots. He wears a gold crown on his head and wears a golden cape. He also wears glasses on top of everything.