"The Class Votes"


Original Airdate

October 26, 2012

Production Number


Episode Guide

The Neighborhood Votes


Be a Vegetable Taster!

The Class Votes is the first half of episode sixteen of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It premiered on October 26, 2012 along with Daniel Tries a New Food.


At school, Daniel and his classmates get to choose their new class pet! Teacher Harriet explains that they can either get a bunny or a turtle. The kids learn what it means to ‘vote’ and that sometimes it doesn't always turn out your way. Luckily, ALL of the kids find something to love about their new pet, ‘Snowball’!


It is where Daniel Tiger Prince Wednesday Miss Elaina Katerina Kittycat and O the Owl vote with Teacher Harriet. They choose which pet they should have for school. They voted for a rabbit. But not a turtle. The rabbit got the most votes. So the rabbit wins. The turtle got the least votes. So the turtle loses. Daniel Tiger tells Miss Elaina that he wants a turtle for school. So they picked a rabbit for school.


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