Gender N/A
Animal Streetcar
Age 100-120?
Cartoon debut Daniel's Birthday

Trolley is a semi-anthropomorphic character that made it's first appearance in the long running show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Trolley was used in Mister Roger's Neighborhood to travel back and forth through the neighborhood of make believe. In Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Trolley provides transportation for Daniel Tiger and his friends and family throughout the neighborhood of make believe.

Quite oddly, in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Trolley seems to run without any sort of track.


Trolley is based off of the J.G. Brill Company's single truck open bench streetcars that were built in the late 1890s and early 1900s, which were also made of wood. Trolley is a red colored open bench streetcar and has a bell that normally rings when speaking to Daniel. The same went for Mister Rogers and everyone in the neighborhood of make believe.