aka The man across many fandoms aka Blade

  • I live in The PFF
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is Fanfictinor and ROBLOXer, and PAPARAZZI
  • I am A EUROPEAN WARRIOR, oh and Male.
  • IamVeryOdd

    Leo Lion is a early mane-r lion that is four years old and is used to be over-protective and selfish when Daniel Tiger and the other children showed him the way of good.

    Katerina Kittycat: He helps her with ballet compations, He plays the piano for her.

    Daniel Tiger: He first saw Leo at the beach, Leo likes to do a dance-off at the beach and when its Daniels turn he always does the "chicken dance", that makes Leo very annoyed.

    Prince Wednesday: He first saw Leo at the beach, Leo tells him he is the prince, because he's a lion

    O the Owl: TBD

    Miss Elina: TBD

    Leo zodiac sign is Leo.

    "Leo came to The Neighborhood of Make-Belive knowing nothing but when the children introduced themselved at the beached he knew something new" -IamVeryOdd-2016

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