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    Daniel Tiger and his friends Katerina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday, Miss Elaina, and O the Owl as teenagers. I have Daniel Tiger wearing pants and that's how some of my artwork of him is going to be. And I'd love to see more of this!

    Artwork I've been wanting to do, an Arthur/Daniel Tiger crossover fan art. This just has the two titular charactersDaniel Tiger and Arthur Read. And this is more original than this picture I did:

    I also have this

    Another drawing of Arthur and Daniel. This one was harder to make.

    But you haven't seen anything yet. Wait till you see my final picture for this blog.

    This is the work I've been waiting to do, the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood characters including but other than Daniel Tiger, with Arthur Read and other Arthur…

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  • WillTheArthurandBusterFan5050

    Okay so I'm not that big of a fan of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but I do like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood none-the-less and I've written a couple of fanfics and did some fanart of Daniel Tiger and of Prince Wednesday. That's what this blog is about, fan-related ideas and fan-work plans.

    One thing I really would like to do is add characters to three of the DTN families.

    One thing I would like to do is give Miss Elaina a little brother, and maybe name him Stanley, almost after his father Music Man Stan. I wonder what their last names are, will we ever find out? Maybe, maybe not. But is that okay, tuts?

    I would also like to give Katerina Kittycat a little brother as well, meow meow. However, how will I do that if her mother, Henrietta Pussycat …

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